About Jane of Art – It’s Like Joan of Arc! Geddit?

I am Jane, of Art – and by that I mean I’ve spent the last four or so years of my life listening, reading, and writing about art. I am by no means an expert, and obviously everything I write should be taken as my own muddled interpretation of books, lectures, and artworks themselves.

But I think art is pretty darn cool and I’ve got a lot of time (starting this blog in April of 2020 – you all know what that means) so I thought why not put all the bits I think are the best into one place! You’ll also likely be able to tell which posts are revised essays and which are newly written: academic prose versus chill lockdown reading.

So, I am Jane of Art! A heroine of visual media. Or, a heroine of blogs? A heroine of.. boredom and spare time? Eh, that’ll do.

Read on!